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Our mission is to offer our customers the most innovative and successful lottery and gaming solutions while providing them with the very best support every step of the way.

CreationMark aims to become the trendsetter for the gaming technology sector and we are certain our solutions will shape the future of the casino environment.


  • user friendly
  • stable and reliable
  • integrated data for slots and tables
  • multisite functionality
  • competitive pricing
  • 24/7 customer support

Management Benefits

  • automated, optimized and controlled operation procedures
  • casino management based on analytics and on-line information
  • increased performance of slots and tables
  • substantial reductions of staff costs
  • optimization of marketing budgets
  • simplified performance analysis and performance reporting

Player Benefits

  • faster and error-free payouts
  • increased players privacy and comfort
  • no hold-ups at the cash desks
  • fair comps policy on slots and tables
  • players are recognized and approached individually

Security Benefits

  • gaming devices access control
  • total control of all cash and credit transactions
  • human error reduction
  • procedure and asset abuse and misuse alerts
  • role-based access control to different system menus and data
  • SMS or e-mail alerting

Staff Benefits

  • elimination of hopper management
  • better working conditions
  • extensive users manuals
  • fast learning process
  • 24/7 worldwide support

Casino Operator Benefits

  • increased efficiency and profitability of casino operation
  • integrated control of tables and slots
  • substantial reduction on staff costs due to process automation and optimization
  • simultaneous remote on-line access to data of multiple venues
  • system scalability and modularity


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